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Beverly Wellington - Making of Design Studio


After months of humming and hawing (and kitchen renovating) I’ve finally decided to tackle my home office overhaul. Poor space planning, mismatched furniture, and lack of storage have been major deterrents for me when using this room. It’s finally about time I put some thought into this Design Studio of mine.

Some of the downsides to my current setup are:

  • The IKEA Tobias dining chair I use in place of a desk chair isn’t built for comfortably sitting for long periods of time, nor is it particularly smooth sailing pushing in and out over carpet
  • I recently purchased a printer and realized too little too late that it was a tad too large sitting on any of the cabinets in the room
  • This room always ends up being the place where all the miscellaneous junk is stored (case and point I found a box that held our hall ceiling light stashed in the closet full of trash from 3 years ago!)

I fully believe that if you don’t love the environment you’re in (whether it be professionally or personally), you should seek a positive change. In my case, I require smarter storage and a space I can thrive productively and creatively.

Before jumping into the project I already had an idea of the limitations the room provided me, such as wide closet doors taking up prime real estate, and blah carpet that unfortunately has to remain. After taking a long browse on Pinterest I was able to narrow down and identify key areas I wanted to develop and enhance.

Beverly Wellington - Making of the Design Studio

(ABD Studio)

(Studio McGee)

Beverly Wellington - Making of the Design Studio

(Studio McGee)

What each of these office spaces have in common is storage; lots and lots of storage. I’m a fan of combining open and closed storage because as you likely know, papers and binders aren’t attractive bits of clutter. Sometimes throwing ugly but necessary elements behind closed doors is a quick solution to a visually distracting problem (ain’t nobody got time for that). Another thing I would like to attempt is floating my desk in the center of the room. It will take some rearranging but the room can definitely handle it. Finally, there’s the issue of the existing carpet. Unfortunately, it’s not in the budget to replace the carpet just yet so I’ll need to get crafty with area rugs and wall treatments to guide the eyes around the room.

Stay tuned for my next update where I will be sharing in-depth details of the renovation, and likely a few progress shots too!

Take care my friends!

(Feature image and design by Studio McGee)

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