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For some, hiring a designer to work on their project is a no-brainer. For others less aware it may be difficult to justify. Whether reluctance stems from financial limitations or a misunderstanding of the options available, allow me to offer my two cents to clear the air.


We’re all busy, there’s no doubt about that. After working a full day the last thing you want to do is head down to the store to test out a bunch of living room furniture. You likely don’t want to spend your lunch break on the phone with customer service tracking your order either. When you hire a designer you free yourself from this stress so you can get back to spending time doing things that you enjoy. We work on your behalf with retailers and trade suppliers to coordinate all the necessary elements to design your space. Costly purchasing errors are avoided when you seek the help of someone who knows what they’re doing. When you factor in the time and energy spent purchasing, tracking, receiving, and correcting potential mistakes it makes the price of working with a designer far more compelling.


We designers have a group of trusted, go-to trades and suppliers we utilize for many of our projects. We’ve created positive working relationships with individuals and companies we truly believe in. Often our clients benefit from our trade connections and receive deals on unique, high-quality pieces not always available to the public. In need of a trades person but nervous about ending up with a Holmes on Homes experience? Our skilled and capable trades are at your service!


When you hand your project over to a well-trained and passionate designer you can rest assured that tasks will be completed with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. We’ve spent many hours and dollars learning the ins and outs of the design industry so you don’t have to. We pass along our knowledge and experience so that you can enjoy your home on an intimate level. A passionate designer is evident from the start, willing to do everything in their power to help you achieve the home of your dreams. Many designers offer multiple options to work with them depending on your budget. Low budget or a bit more hands on? E-design services would be right up your alley. Busy with work, family, and everything in between? Full service design will allow you to focus on what’s important.  In the long run hiring a pro to guide you in any capacity will help you save money, can increase your home’s ROI, and will focus your spending on areas that matter most to you.


Hiring a designer opens the doors to new furniture, fabrics, and other options not typically available to the public. This allows us to develop your own magazine-worthy space that your neighbor down the street would have difficulty replicating. Quality is not only limited to the items used to decorate your space, quality design advice is also highly sought after and valuable. Even if your interaction doesn’t develop past the consultation, there is so much value contained within this initial 1-2 hour meeting. Sometimes this is all the guidance a client needs to take on their interior or exterior face lift on their own.


Buyer’s remorse is no fun, especially when you realize a retailer does not accept returns! Working with a designer who can allow you to experience the space before you make a commitment is becoming more common practice. Whether you have the option to physically test the furniture or not, 3D computer renderings are perfect for those who find it difficult to visualize a design concept. We want you to feel confident that you’re going to love the space we’re curating for you. With just a few drawings we can simultaneously put your mind at ease and tell the story of your space-to-be.

There are many valid reasons clients benefit from working with a professional designer, but these are some I feel are the most important. Whether you’re looking for e-design, full service design, or somewhere in the middle you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for to suit your budget and style. If you’re interested in working together, I’d love to hear from you!



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