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About Beverly

My primary goal is and has always been to uncover a home that is a true reflection of my clients’ taste and lifestyle. I believe that investing in one’s home is rewarded tenfold, not only in respects to your ROI, but how it affects and improves your daily living. From a simple paint refresh, to a re-worked furniture layout, or a brand new kitchen – any change that improves the form and functionality of how you interact with each space is an investment worth making!

Ultimately, it’s not just how a space looks, but how it serves you everyday. Let’s work together to bring beauty into your home. Because after all, Everyone Deserves A Perfect Space.

A little more about me…

I was introduced to world of interior decorating and design well over a decade ago and it quickly grew into a passionate hobby. I practiced and crafted my skills as often as I could until I was able to attend Sheridan College for Interior Decorating. In addition to my design knowledge, I have been able to refine my communication skills through education in online, print and broadcast journalism. My additional study of psychology allows me to go the step further to create spaces that clients can connect with not only physically but mentally. To say these secondary  skills have helped defuse a heated argument between couples a few times would be an understatement!

I started this business as a way to connect with and help clients near and far. I have a strong love for what I do and wish to help as many people with their homes as I possibly can. Whether your project is as simple as selecting a new colour scheme, or designing a beautiful yet practical kitchen for your growing family, I know my design expertise will help you sustain a happy home!

If I’m not hard at work you can find me breaking a sweat at the gym, hanging out at my house with my cats Silas and Milo, or scheming the next phase of my never-ending home improvements!

“I believe that through shaping your home, it, in turn, will shape you. Because after all, don’t we all deserve a perfect space?”

– Beverly Wellington

Interested in design services for your home? I want to hear from you!

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